Funny Video: When Project Scope Goes Wrong

In 1963 the American government was concerned by new developments that the Russian government were making with their infantry fighting vehicles. They, therefore, started work on a new transport vehicle that could carry 11 soldiers. In a similar approach to handling project management, what would you do if the project scope goes wrong?

There were changes to the scope that hit the American government’s project with numerous delays. The end result was a project that took 20 years to deliver. It did not deliver the original requirement of being able to carry 11 soldiers. In the end, the vehicle could only carry six.

The reason why the project took so long to complete and in the end did not meet the initial requirements was due to changes to the project scope.

There is a funny segment in the film the Pentagon Wars that shows how the scope was changed. It is only 11 minutes long and is very funny and worth watching.

How similar is this to the scope changes on your project?