Transformational Change Projects Will Change Your Future

Transformational Change

Check out these two great videos below which show an exciting future that can only happen through good project management. When I see innovative videos like this it shows how an invention (which is a project) enable other people to use the invention to deliver other projects that change the world. In this blog post I will show the four steps to take in order to make sure your organisation has transformational change projects that will leap your company forward.

Transformational Change
Both these videos are made by Corning Glass and show a glass future. The videos show a day in a life of a family in the near future. The second video was made a year before and also follows the same family.

I must admit after watching these videos it got me thinking about the projects that I am currently delivering. Are these projects for the future or just resolving the problems we are having today. I think companies should try and at least allocate 25% of their project resources to transformational change projects that will leap the organisation forward and really push boundaries.

Transformational Change Projects

Transformational Change projects are those that leap the organisation forward and gets it ready for the future. In order to make sure your organisation has at least 25% of its resources allocated to transformational change projects the first step is to prioritise the projects. You can find out how I prioritise projects by clicking here.

Once you have done this look at the list of projects and see which ones are going to transform the organisation and ask yourself have these projects been given the right priority level. If not consider manually moving some of these projects up the list. With this revised list test it by taking the top four projects and check that at least one of these projects is a transformational change project that with leap the organisation forward.

The Four Steps

1. Prioritise the project list
2. Review the list
3. Manually up the priority of transformational change projects
4. One of the top four projects should be a transformational change project

What do think about making sure one of your organisation’s top four projects is a transformational change project that exists for the future?