Should You Become Prince2 Certified?

Following on the theme from last week on getting into project management this week it is all about Prince2. I am often asked by people wanting to move into project management if they should become a Prince2 practitioner. I this blog post I will outline my view on whether it is worth becoming a Prince2 practitioner.


First I should briefly explain what Prince2 is. Prince2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments version 2 and is a project management methodology. It was developed by a UK government agency, the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) (now part of the UK Cabinet Office) as a standard project management approach for running all UK public projects. It offers a common approach to controlling all projects.

Prince2 in Organisations

However it is very document and approval heavy which many organisations do not have the time or the resources to completely follow. A number of organisations take elements of Prince2 and customise it to fit their culture. Even though the organisations do not do it fully this still leads to a lot of organisations insisting that any new recruits are certified. The result of this is recruitment agencies will as a minimum in order to reduce a large pile of CVs will insist that all candidates are a Prince2 Practitioner. Therefore if you want to move into project management it is a good idea to become a Prince2 practitioner.

In addition I would say that Prince2 is more than just a qualification or a tick on a CV. Studying for and understanding Prince2 helps you start to think like a project manager. You start to understand why there is a need to control your projects.

So my advice is to think like a project manager and get the tick on the CV and become a Prince2 Practitioner.

After reading this post if you are not Prince2 certified go and enrol on a course.