Project Start Up Presentation 4 Questions To Answer

During the project start up phase there are 4 questions that you can ask to make sure it is clear why the project exists. Last year I  wrote a blog post about project start up with 4 questions At the start of this year which you can read here. However before you do check out the presentation below that I have put together which illustrates the blog post.

Problem Statement
The first question is what problem should the project address. This may be an opportunity that the organisation wants to take advantage of. If so this statement should address the problem of why the organisation is currently unable to take advantage of the opportunity. Alternatively is could be something that is impacting the organisation and the project will reduce the impact. This should be a high level statement and not include too much detail.

The Impact of The Problem
This section should include details of how the problem identified impacts the organisation for each area and sub area mentioned above. In addition you should also include some quantifiable information that the problem is causing, e.g. process is taking 5 extra man days per month.

Who Is Affected
This should include the organisation areas and sub-areas that are affected by the problem stated above.

A Successful Solution Would
This section should show what solutions are required at a high level in order to resolve the problem above. It should address a solution for each impact mentioned above. In addition also include some quantifiable information to show what benefit the solution will provide, e.g. The process will be reduced to 2 days per month.