The 6 Key Project Roles For Successful Project Delivery

Project Roles

One way to ensure successful project delivery is to have clearly defined project roles. In this blog post I will outline the six project delivery roles that I put together to deliver a successful project.

Project Roles

Project Roles

The six project delivery team roles are in addition to the project roles of Sponsor and Business Lead. These six roles are the day to day delivery team reporting to the project manager. The six roles are:

1. Project Manager
2. Requirements Analyst
3. Design Architect
4. Build Lead
5. Test Lead
6. Change Co-ordinator

Depending on the size of the project these may end up being the team leaders who look after a team who work together to deliver part of the project. It may be that the project is small and therefore one person may take on more than one of the roles. For example the test lead may also be the change co-ordinator.

Responsibilities of Each of The Project Roles

Project Manager – Responsible for the day to day delivery of the project; ensures the project remains within the constraints of time, cost and quality. Ensures the schedule is adhered to and manages the mitigation of risk and resolution of issues.

Requirements Analyst – This person will work with the project stakeholders to expand on the project proposal and ensure what is wanted is clearly documented and understood.

Design Architect – The job of this person is to take what the requirements analyst has documented and turn it into a solution. This could be in many different forms from a model through to a presentation.

Build Lead – This role is about turning what has been designed into a tangible product.

Test Lead – Following on from what has been built this individual is responsible for ensuring that what has been built is robust and fit for purpose by carrying out testing of the product.

Change Co-ordinator – Once the product has been tested satisfactorily it then needs to be transitioned over to the operational part of the organisation. It is key that this role ensures there is the minimum amount of disruption to the operational element of the organisation and ensure that the developed product is used correctly.

These are my key project roles that ensure the project is successfully delivered. What project delivery roles do you have on your project?