Project Start Template

Having a good project start template will ensure successful project start up.

However when you look at Prince2 and other project management processes they all seem complicated. The challenge is established project approaches such as Prince2 are not written for people or organisations new to project management. While I think Prince2 is great it does not work for organisations with low project maturity. The good news is you can still have a successful project and the first step is by taking a simple approach to project start up.

This is the link to download the free Microsoft Word format editable Project Proposal Template

Problem Statement

I use a simple project start template to ensure that all of my projects get off to the best possible start. You can download a version of the project start template that you can edit and customise in word by clicking the button below to purchase editable version.

The template is broken into 5 sections: Positioning the Project, Justification and Benefits Strategy, Scope and Stakeholders.

By stepping through these 5 sections it will help you form in your own mind when you are doing the project. Once you have completed the project start template for your project there is a section where the project sponsor has to sign and approved the document. By gaining this approval everyone is clear on what the project is trying to solve and what the high level benefits are.

In addition everyone in and around the project will know what is in scope and more importantly what is out of scope.


This is the link to download the free Microsoft Word format editable Project Proposal Template

In addition to the editable copy you can also download a free Project Proposal Template Example as a pdf.

I hope you find this template useful and give yourself every success of delivery a successful project by defining the problem right at the start.