Project Kickoff Template

Project kickoff meetings are a great way to get a project going. It is also a good opportunity for the project manager and other members of the project team to get underneath the skin of the project and truly understand it.

However it can be difficult to structure the meeting beforehand has you may have limited upfront information about the project.

One approach that I find useful is to mind map / brainstorm the project. This enables you to drill down into areas that require more information while still keeping the high level visible.

While this can be done on a white board it then takes time to copy and type up. One way this can be done without the need for any typing up afterwards is to use Prezi, an online presentation tool.

Please see below for links to a couple of Presi templates that you can use to make your project kickoffs interesting and useful.

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If you can not see the presentation simply go to Prezi