Presentation – The Connected Customer

This week’s featured project management presentation is by my colleague Paul Taylor (who is a great person to follow). While it is not a project management presentation I think there are three key project management lessons here.

1. With customers adapting to new technology so fast it is critical that projects are delivered quickly. There is a risk that the project will no longer be relevant by the time it has been delivered if the customer has moved on. This can be achieved by making projects as small as possible and taking an iterative approach to delivery.

2. Another great point Paul makes is to kill off the project/idea that is longer valid. Often we spend a long time getting a project approved that we never go back and ask does the business case still stack up. As a rule of thumb go back to the business case at least once a month and ask is the project still viable. If the projects are small it will not cost as much to kill them.

3. The third point that Paul makes which is critical to successful delivery is a pipeline of projects. This is great from both a resourcing perspective and for seeing cross project dependencies.

Check out Paul’s presentation below and do not forget to connect with him.

Not everything integrates as it should therefore if you can not see the presentation click here.