Popular Project Management Blog Posts From 04 – 10 May 2013

The most popular project management blog posts from the last seven days 04 to 10 May. Over the last week these are the most popular project management blog posts that people have been visiting from projectnewstoday.com

Popular Project Management Blogs

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Glen B. Alleman

Yes, this is an actual post on a LinkedIn forum When the role of the project manager is to push the rock up the hill and then let it roll down again, there is little chance of success, and in the end little need for project management or the project…


Shim Marom

The notion that Agile removes the need for proper planning and proper scope determination is just that, a notion. In the real world, and in real projects, the mere thought that a serious development would get a business blessing to spend real money without knowing what they will get…



PMBOK All project managers use the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide to prepare for the certification exams in order to become a Project Management Professional (PMP). This book presents a set of standard terminology and guidelines for project management. It was first published by the Project Management Institute…


These are great project management blogs that are worth reading. What other good project management blogs did you read over the past 7 days?