Popular Project Management Blog Posts From The Last 7 Days

Popular Project Management Blogs

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The most popular project management blog posts from the last seven days. Over the last week these are the most popular project management blog posts that people have been visiting from projectnewstoday.com

Lindsay Scott

Many of you will know that I really enjoy the subject of PMOs – I like other stuff too so I’m not a total geek One of the things that many people within PMOs like to hear about is other PMO people talking about their experiences. Believe it or…



This article is inspired by the book: “Grateful Leadership using the Power of Acknowledgement” by Judith W. Umlas. The concept of Grateful Leadership is as profound as the concept of the leadership style Servant Leadership, dating from the 1960’s, has been. This is a model that came after the success of The Power of Acknowledgement, a book by the same author.



This is a guest post by Roland Hoffmann. A project manager is the lynchpin of a successful project. Her leadership and guidance is of paramount importance during planning and execution. Since good decision-making is critical for good leadership and guidance, project managers need to know how heuristics (mental disposition) and biases (personal inclinations) influence a project manager’s decisions.


Conrado Morlan

Long-time Voices on Project Management blogger Conrado Morlan, PMP, PgMP shares how attaining a PMP certification helped his career. Project management practitioners like me, with more than 20 years of experience, learned about PMI and the PMP® certification in ways much different from today.  My first exposure to PMI, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and PMP certification was in the late 1990s. It was during a training program to attain PMP certification — and in Spanish, no less — at the company I worked for in Puebla, Mexico.


Marian Haus, PMP

Delivering scope or fulfilling needs on a project is not always equivalent with adding value. In my opinion, a project adds value to an organization if its deliverables add value. Many project managers approach the project in a delivery-oriented fashion. They plan for, work against, and monitor and control the project’s work through deliverables. Delivery-oriented project managers make the scope’s outcome tangible in order to fulfill the project’s goals.



Jim Collins in 2001 published a research about ‘more than 1400 companies’, analyzed those for more than 40 years of their existence. The finding of the research lead him to identify why certain companies are hugely successful over the period whereas other could not. Essentially it is about…


These are great project management blogs that are worth reading. What other good project management blogs did you read over the past 7 days?