Popular Project Management Blog Posts From The Last 7 Days

Popular Project Management Blog

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The most popular project management blog posts from the last seven days. Over the last week these are the most popular project management blog posts that people have been visiting from projectnewstoday.com

Shim Marom

In the last few days a number of respectable bloggers (see HERE and HERE) made a reference to a paper published by the ESI, outlining the Top 10 Trends for Project Management for 2013 (and if you’re really desperate, here’s their report predicting the trends for 2012) I hope I am not…


Glen B. Alleman

“It is moronic to predict without first establishing an error rate for the prediction and keeping track of one’s past record of accuracy”

— Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled By Randomness

The naturally occurring uncertainties (Aleatory) in cost and schedule create risk. These uncertainties can be modeled in a Monte Carlo Simulation tool. The result is a measure of the needed schedule and cost margin to protect the deliverable date and cost target.


Conrado Morlan, PMP, PgMP

While project managers often talk about building a virtual team, they rarely discuss disbanding one. I recently adjourned the virtual team I’d led for the past four years. As a dispersed team, we initially experienced some issues around cultural differences. But we came together eventually and produced the expected results for the organization. When the time came to close the project and disassemble the team, a different kind of challenge arose. 

The first issue I encountered was that some team members didn’t want to leave the team. Over the life span of the project, we’d built a strong bond. And there was another layer of complexity as team members’ cultural traditions and values informed how they expressed their disappointment.


Randy Heffernan

In the commercial environment, businesses make decisions daily, irrespective of whether they are operating in a boom or a recession. Each decision has an associated level of risk: where to invest, what product to produce, what quantity, which vendor to use, what price to charge, what marketing activity to pursue. The list is endless. Although these decisions have potentially business-critical consequences, many organisations do not take a strategic approach to decision-making.


These are great project management blogs that are worth reading. What other good project management blogs did you read over the past 7 days?