Popular Project Management Blog Posts From 23 – 29 August 2013

The most popular project management blog posts from the last seven days 23 – 29 August 2013. Over the last week these are the most popular project management blog posts that people have been visiting from projectnewstoday.com

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Popular Project Management Blogs

The First Ever PM FlashBlog is Coming to a Blog Near You

Over the past couple of weeks I have been in touch with dozens of project management related bloggers to organize the first ever coordinated blogging flashmob. The idea is to have a large number of bloggers post an article, in their respective blogs, on the same agreed theme and have them […]

Thu, Aug 29, 2013
Shim Marom

How To Estimate Almost Any Software Deliverable

There is a popular notion out there that estimating software projects is not possible with any level of confidence. This is popular for several reasons – all of which are due to Dilbert style management. Estimates are misused everywhere. They are misused on IT shops, they are misused at NASA. […]

Fri, Aug 23, 2013
Glen B. Alleman

Rethinking SharePoint Maturity Part 3: Who moved my cheese?

Rethinking SharePoint Maturity Part 3: Who moved my cheese? Part 3 is now available on CleverWorkarouds…If your interested in reading how the Syllk model is viewed and used, please have a look at “who moved my cheese“. […]

Mon, Aug 26, 2013
PM Lessons Learned

Why Encouragement Fails – What to Do About It

He quietly explained, “Tell me my work matters.” We were in the living room discussing his role in our organization, when he said, “Sometimes I get discouraged.” I asked, “How would you like me to treat you when you get discouraged?” He said, “Encourage me.” I asked for explanation. Negotiating encouragement: […]

Fri, Aug 23, 2013
Leadership Freak

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