How to Plan a Worthwhile Meeting

Plan Worthwhile Meeting

Time is precious when deadlines are tight. To save time, some Project Managers cut corners when it comes time to plan out a meeting. It’s all too easy to convince yourself that you can just “wing it” and improvise the entire thing. But project management stats don’t lie. The plain fact is that almost all “make it up as you go” style meetings don’t pan out. However, if you head into the meeting with a good plan you can easily avoid wasting everyone’s time.

There is often a major difference between good and bad meetings. This difference is the amount of time spent planning, having the meeting and then the follow up.

good-meeting-bottle bad-meeting-bottle

The planning of bad meetings usually just involve sending the invites via email. The follow up is normally done at the start of the next meeting resulting in that meeting running late.

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Good meetings tend to spend at least twice as long planning and reviewing the meeting as it does having the meeting.

A useful guide is to spend 40% planning, 20% having the meeting and 40% reviewing the meeting. Therefore if your meeting is 1 Hour you need to spend at least 2 hours planning and 2 hours reviewing the meeting. Doing this one step alone will vastly increase the chance of your meeting being a success.

The slide deck that I have created below will show you “How to Plan a Worthwhile Meeting”.

This is the first in a three part presentation series that I have created on how to run Meetings the Smart Way.

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How Project Managers Can Run Successful Meetings