Meeting Mastery Checklist

meeting mastery checklist

In this article, I will give a meeting master checklist. This is the one you will want to downland and print out. Before we get to your meeting master checklist I have included links to all the all meeting articles. But if you can not wait then you can click here to download your Meeting Mastery Checklist as a PDF.

The Meeting Mastery Checklist takes you through all the stages of the meeting. It will enable you to check that you are running great meetings. Use this checklist to keep improving and running better project meetings.

Over the past few months, we have covered many aspects of project meetings. All these articles are about how project managers can run successful project meetings. This Meeting Mastery Checklist is a summary of these articles. If you would like to read them again click below on the title of each article to revisit them.

  1. One Thing Your Meeting Must Have – This article showed how important it is for each meeting to have an aim.
  2. How to Write an Effective Meeting Agenda – An effective meeting agenda ensures the aim. This article showed you how to write your meeting agenda so it works.
  3. How to Conduct a Meeting – As a project manager, it is important that you keep you meetings on track. A meeting that wanders off course is unlikely to cover all elements of the agenda. So it is important to know how to conduct your meetings. This article showed you how to do that.
  4. Why You Should Not Do Meeting Minutes – Another element of effective meetings is to not focus on minutes. The key is to focus on decisions and actions. In the article, it showed how to record actions and decisions.
  5. How to Run a Project Update Meeting – Project managers need to provide project updates. Knowing how to run a project update meeting will help you keep project stakeholders on your side. This article takes you through how to run a project update meeting.
  6. Why You Not Have a Lessons Learnt Meeting – Project managers must learn lessons earlier on in the project. By learning lessons early can help keep a project on track. This article showed you how to capture lessons throughout the project lifecycle.
  7. How to Run a Project Closure Meeting – Finally all projects must come to an end. If they did not then they would not be projects. This article showed you how to run a project closure meeting. This approach works and gets the result of closing the project.

Meeting Mastery Checklist

Did you have to improvise your way through any part of the meeting?
If so something is definitely wrong with your meeting organisation strategy. You need to plan your meeting to keep it focused and on time.

Did the meeting have a clear purpose?
The purpose of your meeting should not be to “see how things are going.” Every meeting should have a clear aim. There should be the production of some type of specific deliverable.

Were all the meeting attendees needed?
Unless you are giving out awards, “all hands” meetings are pretty much useless. The fewer people attend a meeting, the more real work you will be able to do.

How much time did the attendees get to prepare?
Because you are ready to discuss something does not mean that everyone else is. That is why it is a good idea to give the meeting attendees ample time to prepare in advance of a meeting. One week notice is the gold standard.

Was the meeting optional or compulsory?
Compulsory meetings are not only out of style they are often wasteful. If the meeting is useful, your team members will make the right call.

Did the attendees argue and talk over each other?
It is natural for project team members to be competitive. But when competitive feelings cause outbursts it is time to set some boundaries.

Did the meeting begin on time?
Nobody wants to watch their boss fiddle with a projector for 10 minutes. Be sure to show up early and have everything set up in advance. If technical issues occur, you all have a chance to resolve them before the meeting begins.

Where was the meeting held?
Remember to stage the meeting in a different room if you can. Moving people to different locations helps them think about problems from different angles.

Did everyone have access to the agenda?
If not, chances are high that you did not stick to it. Display the agenda where everyone can see it so that your team can refer to it whenever necessary.

How much did you take part in the meeting?
Meetings should be about assigning actions. Of course, it is okay to talk as well. Remember to name a meeting facilitator if you plan on doing a lot of participating.

How often did you digress from the meeting goal?
The answer to this question should be: not at all. Every part of the meeting should address the meeting goals. Avoid drifting off topic and remain focused throughout.

Did everyone practice good meeting etiquette?
Smartphones have become an ever-present part of our lives. But they are very distracting. That is why your team members should shut off their phones or silence them in advance of a meeting.

Did you talk about how the meeting went after it ended?
There is no way that your team will ever be good at meetings if nobody ever talks about them. Provide a chance for your team to give you and each other feedback after every single meeting.

When was the follow-up email sent out?
For best results, send out the follow-up email on the same day that your meeting took place. The follow-up should include any relevant action items and next steps.

Did somebody update the action log?
Do not think of updating the action log as a chore. The action log should be a vital resource that you use everyday to stay on top of what your team members are doing. If you do not have time to update the action log delegate that responsibility to someone else.

Was the action log update concise and to the point?
Every item in the action log should read like a headline so make sure they are not to wordy.

I hope you find this Meeting Mastery Checklist helpful. It will take time and a bit of practice but if you apply this approach you too will become a meetings master.

Click here to download your Meeting Mastery Checklist as a PDF.

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