How To Make Project Delivery Easy

Make Project Delivery Easy

Do you find that projects become over complicated and miss delivery dates? Or there ends up being loads of change requests which blow the project budget. In this blog post I will set out how to make project delivery easy.

Make Project Delivery Easy

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In a previous blog post I went over the importance of getting the scope right and how it makes project delivery easy (you can read it here). However it can be difficult to get the scope right if the project is large and complicated.

Make Project Delivery Easy

Therefore one way to make project delivery easy and write a good scope is to have small simple projects. This is how I approach even the largest and most complicated projects.

The advantage of breaking down large projects into smaller projects is it makes it easier to deliver. This is because the smaller the project the smaller the scope which results in less deliverables. As the saying goes how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same can be said about projects; How do you deliver a large project? One small project at a time.

One of the great advantages of delivering lots of smaller projects is the ability to show progress. It is far better to state you have completed a number of projects rather than still delivering one.

As my colleague Sarah Terry tweeted

To make it easier the large project should be called a programme. The definition of a programme is a number of interdependent projects. By delivering and ticking off the projects before long the programme will be delivered. With each project having a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achivable, Realistic and Timely) scope this will ensure that the programme stands the best possible chance of coming in on time and within budget with very few change requests.

So next time your handed a project ask yourself can this be broken down into a number of smaller projects. What strategies do you use to make project delivery easy?