How To Become A Great Project Manager In 3 Steps

Do you want to be a great project manager in control of your projects? Do you want to step up from being an average project manager to being a great project manager? In this blog post I will set out the first 3 steps you can take which will put you on the road to become a great project manager and always be ahead of the game.

Great Project Manager

Photo Credit: Katerha

To become a great project manager you have to first stop thinking you are managing the project and instead think like you are leading the project. So step one is to become the leader of the project.

Leading is different from managing; leaders need to communicate a vision and this is exactly what you need to do with your project. The project team and stakeholders need to be reminded about why they are doing the project and the benefit it will deliver. By communicating a strong compelling vision it will be easier to motivate the project team particularly when the project runs into issues.

Also by communicating the vision continuously to stakeholders you will quickly discover if some individuals or groups have a different view to what the project will deliver. Therefore the 2nd step is outline a compelling vision. (A quick tip for writing a vision; think like you are writing a Tweet and limit it to 140 characters).

Once you have your compelling vision the next step to be a great project manager is to communicate appropriately. Note this is not frequently but appropriately as each stakeholder will require a different frequency of communication. Identify and group your stakeholders into four groups by their power and interest on the project.

I have created a stakeholder communication template which can download for free here which automatically groups your stakeholders. Each of the four groups of stakeholders will require a different type of communication and frequency. This page goes into more detail about the different communication types. Therefore the third step is appropriate communication.

The Three Steps To Become A Great Project Manager

In summary the three steps to put you on the path to become a great project manager are:

1. Be The Leader
2. Set Out A Compelling Vision
3. Appropriate Communication

In later posts I will add more tips on becoming a great project manager. What do you think of these steps would you add any more?