The 6 Key Project Roles For Successful Project Delivery

Project Roles

One way to ensure successful project delivery is to have clearly defined project roles. In this blog post I will outline the six project delivery roles that I put together to deliver a successful project. Project Roles The six project delivery team roles are in addition to the project roles of Sponsor and Business Lead. These […]

The First Three Project Roles To Appoint

Project Roles

There are many project roles with some having a greater involvement as the project progresses. However there are 3 key project roles that need to be appointed early. In this post I will outline the 3 project roles and the differences between each role. Photo credit: Office Now 3 Project Roles Sponsor Business Lead Project Manager […]

Project Success Increased With 5 Things That Begin With The Letter S

Increase Project Success

I am always amazed at how many projects fail just because they are not built on a solid foundation. In this blog post I will outline the 5 things that begin with the letter s that will ensure your project is built on a solid foundation and increase your project success. Projects are only successful […]

Transformational Change Projects Will Change Your Future

Transformational Change

Check out these two great videos below which show an exciting future that can only happen through good project management. When I see innovative videos like this it shows how an invention (which is a project) enable other people to use the invention to deliver other projects that change the world. In this blog post I will […]

How To Decide The Project Priority Part Two – Role of The Project Portfolio Board

Project Priority

To keep on top of all the new proposals coming in and to sort them into project priority it is a good idea to hold a monthly meeting, which I call the Project Portfolio Board. The benefit of keeping control of the project priority is it ensures as an organisation you are doing the right […]

Project Delivery Improved With 10 Simple Steps

I have a simple project framework that can be implemented to start to gain control and improve successful project delivery. The framework can then be added to as the organisation grows in project maturity. In this post I will show the first 10 steps in starting to gain control and increase the chances of successful project […]