Presentation – The Connected Customer

This week’s featured project management presentation is by my colleague Paul Taylor (who is a great person to follow). While it is not a project management presentation I think there are three key project management lessons here. 1. With customers adapting to new technology so fast it is critical that projects are delivered quickly. There is […]

Presentation – Reframing Business Analysts: Creating Powerful Allies for Product Owners and Agile Teams

As followers of this blog you know that I am a massive fan of Haiku Deck and while I was looking at some of the other Haiku Deck presentations I came across a great presentation by Amber Haley. Amber has put together a presentation on Reframing Business Analysts: creating powerful allies for product owners and […]

Project Kickoff Template

Project kickoff meetings are a great way to get a project going. It is also a good opportunity for the project manager and other members of the project team to get underneath the skin of the project and truly understand it. However it can be difficult to structure the meeting beforehand has you may have […]