The Billion Dollar Lessons Learnt By Ford Motor Company That You Must Do On Your Project

Alan Mulally’s Billion Dollar Project Management Lessons

Alan Mulally took an old failing company and restored it to its former glory.  The company with a scarred brand and aged business model was losing 16 billion dollars a year. That’s 50 million a day, 365 days a year!  The company was no other than Ford Motor Company. His focus on teamwork and accountability […]

Thinking of Stakeholders as Animals will Improve Your Project Communication

How to deal with stakeholders

how to deal with stakeholders

In this article, you will see how to improve your project communication. The first part of the article is how to group your stakeholders. This followed by how to communicate to each group. The last part shows you how to think of our stakeholders as animals. By the end of this article, you will have […]

Meeting Mastery Checklist

meeting mastery checklist

In this article, I will give a meeting master checklist. This is the one you will want to downland and print out. Before we get to your meeting master checklist I have included links to all the all meeting articles. But if you can not wait then you can click here to download your Meeting […]

7 Processes of Prince2

7 Processes of Prince2

As we have seen in my previous articles there are 7 Principles and 7 Themes of Prince2. There is a third 7 in Prince2 and that is 7 Processes. Prince2 by design is a process based approach to project delivery and that means projects progress through the processes in a linear way. In this article […]

Is Prince2 Right For Me?

Is Prince2 Right For Me

There are numerous project management qualifications to choose from and when you are just starting out it can be overwhelming trying to choose which one to do. One of the courses that a lot of people come across is Prince2 and I get a lot of questions asking if Prince2 is right for them. In […]

Becoming a Project Manager

Becoming a Project Manager

Many people want to become project managers but struggle with the first step. A quick search will reveal some great advice on how to secure your first entry-level project management job. But there is another way. I will share with you the story of my first project and how I ended up becoming a project […]