You Don’t Need To Write A Business Case


As an organisation if you have all the money and resources you need to deliver all of your projects you do not need to write a business case. If however you are like most organisations and do not a limitless pot of money or people sat around doing nothing then you will need to write a business case.

In this blog post I will set out the 3 key things that you must include in your business case and some links to free business case templates. There are also links to some useful resources on how to write an excellent business case.


A business case template can be an easier and quicker way to get funding for a project. The business case is important when deciding if a project is worth doing. It needs to state the cost of doing the project and what the benefit is of doing the project. It is a good idea to use one common business case template for all your projects.

Business Case Template

A great business case template includes a number of sections however the key ones are:

Tangible Benefits – This is real measurable terms of what will be achieved by delivering the project. For example is the company going to save money by doing this project? If so how much?

Intangible Benefits – sometimes referred to as the soft benefits. For example will the project lead to improved employee engagement. These benefits tend to be harder to measure but need to be included

Cost / Resources – How much and what is it going to take to implement the project. Include external and internal resources as well as any capital costs.

In the document summary the costs should be less than the tangible benefits to make the project viable otherwise you are just wasting money.

It is important that the business case template that you use is customised to your organisation. I have set up a page with links to a number of business case templates that are free to use. Have a look at these templates and see what would fit your organisation. Even better still customise or make a hybrid of the templates for an even better fit for your organisation.

On this page you will also find links to some free resources on how to write an excellent business case.

What would you include in your business case template?

More Templates

I hope you find these templates useful and help you get funding for your project. Over the next few weeks I will be adding links to more templates that will help you with your projects.

Next week I will be adding a page all about the project charter which will include links to project charter templates and resources on how to write a great project charter.

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If you know of any other business case resources or some useful links for completing a project charter please leave a comment below.