5 Reasons Why Nozbe Is The Best To Do List App For Project Managers

There are so many productivity to do list apps on the market that it can be difficult to find one that works for you. In this blog post I shall set out 5 reasons why I use Nozbe as my to do list app and why it should be the product of choice for project managers.

Nozbe To Do List App

There are so many to do list apps out there and until recently I used Toodledo. This was until I found Nozbe which is probably the best to do list app for project managers. To do list apps do tend to come down to personal preference and if you have been using one for a while it can be difficult to change to something new.

Reason 1 – Free

One of the reasons people are relunctant to try a new to do list app is the inital cost to download and try it. One of the best things about Nozbe is it is free to download and use. You can then upgrade later for better features or continue to use the free version.

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Reason 2 – To Do List By Project

For project managers this is the best feature. While like most to do list apps you can group tasks into folders Nozbe goes one step further and has a projects tab. Yes they even call it projects not folders. Therefore if like me you manage more than one project at any given time you can have a to do list per project. Once you have done this there is a clever next actions area and this looks across all your projects and orders your tasks into a priority order. This is fantastic and really sets it above all other to do list apps.

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Reason 3 – Assign Tasks

Another really great feature is the ability to assign tasks to individuals. As project managers this is a great feature as once you have assigned a task it still remains visible to you in your task list. It also means you can comment on the task and the assignee will see the comment in their to do list.

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Reason 4 – Automatic Google Calandar Integration

One of the best productivity tips I ever came across is “what gets scheduled gets done”. With Nozbe you give every task a due date and time and then state how long you think each task will take. With this done the task instantly appears in your Google Calendar with alerts and reminders for the duration that you have set. The great thing is it requires no syncing it just works automatically in the background.

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One more reason?

Reason 5 – Integration into Evernote

Another great feature is the integration with Evernote which is far and away the best free note taking product. However the integration is better than just note taking as it also works with the task feature in Evernote. For example you take meeting minutes in Evernote then by just adding a checkbox next to an action it will automatically result in a new task in Nozbe; a truly fantastic feature.

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If I still have not convinced you then check out this short video that shows Nozbe in action.

There are many more great features however these are my top 5.

Are you a Nozbe user already? What is your favourite feature? Do you use a different to do list app? Please leave a comment below.

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