Most Popular Top 25 Project Management Blogs of 2013

We are very lucky in the project management community to have so many great project management blogs. Over the past year many people have found great project management blog posts from

Below is a list of the most popular top 25 project management blogs that have been visited from over the past year.

2013 Top 25 Project Management Blogs

  1. Herding Cats
  2. PMI Blog – Voices on Project Management
  3. QuantmLeap
  4. Arras People – How to Manage a Camel
  5. A Girls Guide To Project Management
  6. Virtual Project Consulting
  7. Zilicus
  8. The Tao of Project Management
  10. Ron Rosenhead
  11. Leadership Freak
  12. Mike Clayton
  13. The Program Manager
  14. Brad Egeland
  15. Musings on Project Management
  16. Leadership Thoughts
  17. Gina Abudi
  18. Sensible Project Manager
  19. Better Projects
  20. Software Project Management
  21. Ahha Moments
  22. Guerilla Project Management
  23. Lazy Project Manager
  24. Henny Portman
  25. EarthPM

I highly recommend that you check these sites out and subscribe to their updates.