Business Case Templates

A business case template can be an easier and quicker way to get funding for a project. The business case is important when deciding if a project is worth doing. It needs to state the cost of doing the project and what the benefit is of doing the project.

Free Business Case Templates

Typically a business case will set out payback of the project over a period of time as there may be small annual benefits which when added together is more than the cost of doing the project.

Often the business case is a written document with a set layout. It is a good idea to have all of an organisation’s projects in the same business case format. This aids executives when it comes to approving the project as they know what to expect. It is therefore a good idea to use a standard business case template for all projects. I have found a number of free business case templates which you can download and use. Just follow the links below. After the links to the free business case templates I have also included further information on how to produce a really good business case.

Business Case Templates

Business Case by

Business Case by

Business Case by UK Government

Business Case by

Prince 2 Business Case by Ilx Group

Business Case by Clarety

Business Case by Techrepublic

Business Case by Bright Hub PM

Business Case by PM Advice

Business Case Resources

Another resource that you made find useful is an article by Ruben Melendez on the five elements of writing a compelling business case.

There is also a great tutorial on why a business case for change management by

How to write a business case by

Definition of a Business Case

There are a number of sites that define what a business case is and you can find links to these below.

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