What Project Management Means To Me #PMFlashblog

Being a project manager is the best and the worst job in the world all at the same time. In this post I will outline what project management means to me.

This post is also part of the PM Flashblog set up by Shim Marom over at Quantmleap. This is where lots of project management bloggers all blog about the same subject at the same time, you can read more about it here. In this instance the topic is what does project management mean to me.

What Does Project Management Means To Me

The feeling of excitement that you get when you are assigned a brand new project that has not been touched by anyone is fantastic. It is like the Zamboni (ice rink resurfacer) has just left the rink leaving behind a perfect layer of ice with no marks on it.

The excitement that something new is going to be created is a fantastic feeling and this stays with you throughout the project as you focus on the completion. This combined with the achievement of finishing a project makes being a project manager the best job in the world. However it is always never straightforward and the project will inevitably run into trouble and require great project management skills to keep it on track. These stressful times can make it the worst job in the world. That said project management is exciting, challenging and rewarding which is why I could never imagine doing anything else.

If you think about anything that mankind has ever achieved it has been as a result of a project. From the pyramids of Egypt through to the London 2012 Olympics project management has turned great ideas into reality. Even something that is mass produced like a car started life as a project. From the requirements and design right through to the creation of the prototype.

To give you an idea of what has been achieved as a result of project management I have put together a short slide show of some of the great projects that have been delivered.

What other great projects can you think of?


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  • Conquering Everest, Suez canal, Channel Tunnel – there’s lots of other examples. As you say, anything that’s ever been done (pretty much) was the result of a project, even if the people at the time didn’t think of it in the same terms that we do now.

    • Elizabeth thank you for your comment. It is funny how project management is classed as a new profession yet it has been done for hundreds if not thousands of years.

  • Anya Faingersh

    Barry, you are so right about ups and downs in being a
    project manager. And yet that is one of the most exciting feelings when you
    look back at your work, at what was accomplished, knowing YOU have built it.

    You have a very nice collection of projects and I guess the
    list can be endless, but if I were to point out one project that is being often forgotten by many that is our life per say 🙂

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