Popular Project Management Blog Posts From 06 – 12 September 2013

The most popular project management blog posts from the last seven days 06 to 12 September 2013. Over the last week these are the most popular project management blog posts that people have been visiting from projectnewstoday.com

Popular Project Management Blogs

Sensible Project Manager Hangout 11 – Being Agile in a Waterfall World
Being Agile in a Waterfall World “Being Agile in a Waterfall World” was the topic for the 11th hangout of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community. In this community of project managers and others who enjoy discussing project management topics, we have a weekly hangout which is hosted via Google+ Hangout. […]
Mon, Sep 09, 2013
Sensible Project Manager

Projects vs Operational Management
Just a thought, but… We seem to be able to easily pick on failed project because projects are subject to greater scrutiny due to the fact that they are surrounded by firm-up dates, budgets and scopes – thus are easily found out when they fail. So this is where I am somewhat […]
Mon, Sep 09, 2013
Shim Marom

Installing Earned Value Management on Your Project
There have been several posts and discussions on LinkedIn about applying Earned Value Management to projects. This coming Thursday, I’ll be talking about applying Agile software development processes to Earned Value Management project, but in order to do that we need Earned Value to be applied first. So let’s look […]
Tue, Sep 10, 2013
Glen B. Alleman

Efficiency and agile
One thing my agile students frequently ask about is: “How agile can help my projects and organizations be more efficient?” I usually respond this way: One way agile gains efficiency is through promotion of and exploitation of trust. Bureaucracy is generally a management tool to combat low trust. By counter point: in a […]
Sat, Sep 07, 2013
John Goodpasture

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