Popular Project Management Blog Posts From 28 February to 06 March2014

Project Management Around The World

The most popular project management blog posts from the last seven days 28 February to 06 March 2014. Over the last week these are the most popular project management blog posts that people have been visiting from projectnewstoday.com This week is is all about #PMFlashblog – Project Management Around The World

Project Management Around The World

#PMFlashBlog – Project Management Around the World – Spokane Washington USA

I live in Spokane Washington in the United States of America and from my point of view in the world, Project Management appears to be like a mature middle aged man that is entering puberty. In my city, state and country the project management profession is well established and is […]
Mon, Mar 03, 2014
Sensible Project Manager


Project success is elusive in all business and technical domains, including software development, construction, new drug development, any project involving multiple participants, irregular funding, and emerging requirements and risks that haven’t yet been identified and handled. To increase the probability of project success we must start with principles and apply practices […]
Mon, Mar 03, 2014
Glen B. Alleman

Project Management Around the World – New England, USA

We’re glad to participate in PMFlashblog #2.  Not for anything – but we gave this thing its name, way back when Shim Marom invented the idea. It’s a blog.  It’s a flashmob.  It’s a FlashBlog! So, to business.  Since this one is geographically- based, let’s start with a brief geography lesson.  Where […]
Mon, Mar 03, 2014
Earth PM

Project Management Around the World – Raleigh, NC, USA

Last September, Shim Marom had coordinated what was the first ever PM FlashBlog and it was a great experience! Some 50+ project managers from around the world shared their thoughts on what Project Management meant to them. You can check out my contribution “What is Project Management to Me? Everything!” here.  […]
Mon, Mar 03, 2014

Project Management Around the World — The Hub of the Universe

From the Hub of the universe comes this recovering project manager’s view. Project managers know where project success relies: project management. People from Boston know where the Hub of the universe lies: Boston. Both, however, are disconnected from majority view, The majority do not even feign […]
Mon, Mar 03, 2014
Toby Elwin

These are great project management blogs that are worth reading. What other good project management blogs did you read over the past 7 days?

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