Infographic – The Top 20 Project Management Software

Infographic Project Software

This really good infographic by shows that Microsoft Project is still the most popular project management software product. What is interesting is more Microsoft Project users are on LinkedIn than Twitter which is the exact opposite of Basecamp. I wonder if this means if you like LinkedIn more than Twitter you are more likely to prefer Microsoft Project to Basecamp?

Top Project Management Software

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  • Alfredo Spears

    Whoa!! So much information in one tiny little thing. Loved the infographic totally and would love to see proofhub too in the list. Great tool, easy to use and fully loaded with features.

  • Rodrigo Tapia

    Its just a plain list. Does not add value as it does not give any idea as to what market these software address. Its a mixture any tom dick and harry.

  • Jamie Wilkins

    Thank you for sharing this. When it comes to managing my work, Meetings is a great app that helps you managing your meetings more effectively. It was my best discovery in the last year.

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