Infographic – Why Project Managers Need Training

I recently came across a really good infographic that shows why it is important to train project managers. The infographic by PM Alliance shows the impact the training will have on an organisation’s projects. Click on the image below to zoom in.

Project Manager Training

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  • Mounir Ajam

    I have noticed that some of the info graphics coming from organization like this one – lack supporting data and is pushing something – in this case training. We all know that what drive projects performance is more than one factor, primarily the organizational processes, the people aspects, and tools to a lesser degree. Even within the people aspects – training is one factor, experience is another, attitude is another … etc.

    in this info graphic – it shows the wonder growth in performance just because of PM Training – no verification of data, no source given, no mention of the level and depth of training.

    • Mounir, thank you for your comment I agree that while they have stated the source next to each graphic it would be good if it linked out to the underlying data/survey.

      Probably why you see the wonder growth is if an organisation is taking the time to invest in training they are also investing in other areas to increase the chance of project success.

      • PM-by-PM

        Hi- Nowadays, Infographics have become fashionable. They contain more of marketing info.

        Praveen Malik