How to End a Great Meeting

end great meeting

All over the world, businesses are replacing their meetings minutes archive with an action log. Meeting minutes tend to be dry and dense, which is exactly why hardly anyone ever reads them. An action log, on the other hand, boils the information contained in minutes down to simple actions. When updating the action log, you only have to answer 3 one word questions. Those are:

  1. Who? – Here, all that is needed is the name of the person who has agreed to take action.
  2. What? – Describe in the briefest and most accurate way possible exactly what the person taking action will be doing.
  3. When? – In this section, enter the deadline for the action. The third question is the most crucial. Once you have a deadline, you’ll be able to easily monitor any tasks that were assigned during your meeting.

This is an important part of ending the meeting for others check out the slide deck below.

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