What is great about being a Virtual Project Manager

virtual project manager

With one-fifth of the world’s GDP being spent on projects, and with business focus shifting in recent years away from operations, towards innovation, change and competitiveness, driving a project forward has never been more important. What is a virtual project manager and why is it important? A virtual project manager is the right hand person […]

Video – How to Communicate the Right Way on Your Project

In this video, you will see how planning makes communication easy. You will see that by breaking your project down into four stages will make it easier to communicate. In the video, you will learn the communication for each stage. If you take this approach it helps you break down the communication. It ensures audiences […]

Thinking of Stakeholders as Animals will Improve Your Project Communication

How to deal with stakeholders

how to deal with stakeholders

In this article, you will see how to improve your project communication. The first part of the article is how to group your stakeholders. This followed by how to communicate to each group. The last part shows you how to think of our stakeholders as animals. By the end of this article, you will have […]

Video – The Business Analyst

Business Analyst

This video is all about the who the business analyst is. I will show how good business analysts make project management easy. Finally, I will cover the four things that a business analyst do. These four things make a big difference to the success or failure of the project. This video is a summary of […]