Infographic – 7 Keys To Successful Client Meetings

I recently connected with Lucid Meetings on Twitter and highly recommend that you follow them for some really interesting tweets. In addition they also have a really good blog with lots of great information for project managers. A good example of their content is this infographic on the 7 keys to successful client meetings. Once […]

Infographic – The Top 20 Project Management Software

Infographic Project Software

This really good infographic by shows that Microsoft Project is still the most popular project management software product. What is interesting is more Microsoft Project users are on LinkedIn than Twitter which is the exact opposite of Basecamp. I wonder if this means if you like LinkedIn more than Twitter you are more likely […]

Presentation – Project Estimation

Project Estimation

Often projects can get into trouble because of poor estimation on the amount of effort required. This great presentation by Chris O’Halloran sets out how to do project estimation properly. Once you have checked it out go to Striking Project Management and connect with Chris who also writes a great blog. Project Estimation from Striking […]

Presentation – Positive Risk Management

Positive Risk Management

Every project manager needs to view this slideshare by Tony Adams. When you think about it we always look at project management from a negative perspective looking at what could fail or go wrong. This presentation will change the way you view risk and increase your chances of successfully delivering your project. Once you have […]

My Most Popular Presentation of 2013 Project Scope In 5 Easy Steps

Every Monday I share a project management themed presentation. Occasionally I feature a project management presentation that I created. Throughout 2013 by far my most popular presentation with over 5,700 views was on How To Write Excellent Project Scope In 5 Steps. The presentation was also featured on Haiku Decks gallery of hand picked presentations. […]