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Barry Hodge

Portfolio, Programme and Project Manager

Hello, I am Barry Hodge an experienced portfolio, programme and project manager that specialises in establishing and growing project management in companies who have little or no project management framework. In addition I also coach and mentor those who would like to get into project management as well as those that wish to grow within the industry.

“A pleasure to work with Barry. He joined an existing project and delivered against tight timelines and high expectations” 

Andrew Derham
Commercial and Supply Chain Manager at AstraZeneca


What I do for Companies

By making it easy for companies and their employees to understand what works they are able to quickly gain the benefits associated with good project management. The proven techniques that I use have helped a number of organisations get ahead of their competition, become more efficient and ultimately deliver projects quicker and under budget.

If you would like tips and training materials that you can use in your company to improve project performance then please get in touch and I will send you some free information along with signposts to other great project management resources.

“Barry is an excellent PM with great communication skills and has really helped shape the successful implementation and improvement of Project Management maturity at The Co-operative through a combination of people, process, technology and strategy.”

Christopher Pond
Microsoft PPM, Project & Project Online | Western Europe

My Biography

Growing up in the UK I was a typical boy interested in all types of vehicles from cars through to planes with a healthy interest in Lego (the best toy ever invented). As I got older this interest led me to joining the Air Cadets. Then after being taken for a trip in two-seater Chipmunk aeroplane one sunny Saturday afternoon I was sold and wanted to join the Royal Air Force.






After leaving school I got to realise my dream of combining my passion for technical challenges (the Lego thing) along with my interest in vehicles by joining the Royal Air Force as an electronics engineer. From fixing satellite communications through to air traffic control systems I started to learn the importance of planning, scheduling and efficient use of resources. Later in my career I started to learn about project management and how controlling the work led to faster completion of tasks.

This led to me wanting to learn even more about project management so in the summer of 2003 I started my degree in project management and left the Royal Air Force to pursue a career as a Project Manager.

My career as a project manager has resulted in me successfully delivering projects for a wide range of companies in a number of different sectors. From Pharmaceuticals and Housing through to Retail and Distribution.

“We have worked with Barry on a number of enterprise projects over the past two years. Barry has been thorough in his approach to each project and seeks to ensure that projects are well structured and goals clearly defined.” 

Steve D’Arcy
Head of Daisy Wi-Fi

Along the way I have learnt many different tricks and techniques to make delivering projects faster and easier. My aim with this site is to show you some of these techniques so you can enjoy the same success that I have had with delivering projects that make a difference.

So get in touch and I will send you some free information along with signposts to other great project management resources.


Talk soon,